Today I Choose Forgiveness


Forgiveness. It’s such a simple word, yet such a hard thing to do. For years I’ve been holding on to a grudge against my biological mother. I felt like she didn’t fight for me, she didn’t step up as a parent when I needed her the most. I tell people I have forgiven her, but if I am honest with myself, I haven’t fully. Not yet. I’ve told myself a million times I should – I’ve wanted to. It just hasn’t quite happened. It’s easier to forgive a friend who has made questionable choices during your friendship, it just seems to cut a little deeper when it’s family.

I know that holding on to the past is only pushing me away from God, and that is the last thing I want. After a thousand Sunday school lessons and songs on forgiveness, I decided I wanted to be free of the hate in my life. So today, I choose forgiveness. I am going to reach out to my mother and let her know that I forgive her and that I want to mend what was broken. Not because I want to secure my faith, but to try to save hers.

She feels abandoned, much like I did. Even though we will never get back those years we spent hating each other, there is still time to heal wounds and to mend a few fences.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have now read most of your blogs and you really have a way with words. Thanks for the blessing that it is to me. I know your story will be used in so many ways to help others.

    • fbarbare says:

      Thank you Sarah! My goal is to show others that yes this world is tough, but God has over come the world. There is nothing we can’t do through him.

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