One Year Down, A Lifetime To Go


Today marks a year; a year since we read our vows, shed a few tears, and danced like no one was watching. It was one of the best days of my life, and I will hold it dear to my heart. Memories from that day will replay in my head for years to come. When times get tough, I think about the words we vowed to each other. When I need a good laugh, I think about the DJ playing techno music while making you crawl on the floor towards me to remove my garter. When I need strength, I remember the words Pastor Steve shared with us.

This past year has proven that our love for each other has no limit, and when faced with difficult times, I know it will always remain strong. I never have to go to bed wondering if you love me, and you make a constant effort to ensure I never go to bed mad. Probably in fear of your life, but i’ll take it.

You aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m being crazy, and you constantly tell me how beautiful I am. You don’t allow me to quit fighting for the things I believe in, and you’ve been my biggest support system.

We had a jump start into becoming adults, but you help me hold on to my inner child. You are always up for an adventure and hardly ever say no to my crazy ideas. I mean, I almost convinced you to be Peter Pan for Halloween. Doesn’t get much better than that. You are such a good sport and do whatever it takes to make me smile.

We may only be celebrating one year of marriage, but it feels like a life time. We are each others’ best friend, and I couldn’t image life without you. This year has flown by as I’m sure the next 20 will too. I thank the Lord each night for allowing me to be your wife. It has been an honor, and I can’t wait to see where life takes us. Never change, well maybe stop leaving your shoes in front of my side of the bed, but other then that, never change.


To the moon and back.


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