The Best Day


The title to this post may be misleading; I am still hoping to go to Disney World one day, but until then, this has been one of the best days. Since I became a mother, I have worked every Mother’s Day. This time, I decided I was going to enjoy the day. I didn’t realize what I had been missing out on.

Today was better than my birthday, even better than opening presents on Christmas morning when I was 5 years old. Being a mom isn’t always an easy job. In fact, there are days I find it rather difficult. While I am learning how to parent, she’s learning new ways to drive me to gray hair. After all, she’s just like me: an opinionated, bossy, little ball of energy.

Despite the hard days, I am grateful that God chose me to be her mother. Out of all of my jobs, being her mother is my favorite and the most rewarding. It’s my calling, and I can’t remember life without her. She gives me a reason to wake up and the inspiration to chase my dreams.

Women don’t become moms to have a day of celebration; we become moms to leave behind a legacy: our children. I want to wish every mom out there the best Mother’s Day, but don’t get wrapped up in a single day. Know that you are special everyday and mean the world to your babies, both young and old. You are appreciated more than you know.

Now, more about my day. It started with breakfast in bed. Well, food was brought to me in bed. Since syrup was involved, we decided it was best to utilize our kitchen table. If you know me then you know syrup is my kryptonite. Evan captured this beautiful moment before heading downstairs.


We then rushed off to church which was followed by a lunch date. Then came a shopping trip. I only made it to one store, but that was plenty. Evan was such a good sport that I even let him go to the golf store.

After coming back to the house to let Ella nap, we had a mini photo shoot in the front yard where we snagged these beauties. Ella is in love with the camera and even tells me how to pose.



Evan prepared us a beautiful meal. Dessert wasn’t even necessary, and I promise it tasted as good as it looked.


Today was long, eventful, and simply the best. I enjoyed every second of being pampered. The best part about my Mother’s Day was when Ella told Evan, “Today isn’t about you, Daddy. It’s mommy’s day and Ella’s day!”.

What was your favorite part about Mother’s Day? Did you get the perfect gift? Did something funny happen? Share in the comments; I’d love to hear what made your Mother’s Day special!

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