When is Daddy Coming Home?


Being married to a traveling husband is hard, no doubt, but a firm family foundation takes some of the edge off. When my husband took a job in public accounting last January, we knew the traveling was coming, we just didn’t know how hard it would be for Ella. For me, it was harder the first year; we had to make a lot of adjustments. It was like our lives were put on hold those weeks he spent away. Now that Ella is getting older, it’s getting harder for her. She doesn’t understand why daddy has to leave for weeks at a time, and she constantly asks, “When is daddy coming home?”.

Now that I’ve bashed the traveling, I am here to say that it’s possible. It’s not always fun and some days are harder than others. However, we are blessed that Evan gets to come home most weekends, and this year, his employer has cut back on his travel. Thinking about families with fathers fighting wars in foreign
countries really puts things into perspective; we are truly blessed.

How do we manage? We stay busy! This is where my four jobs play a role. After work, our nights are filled with dinner dates with girlfriends and mommy-daughter time. We take this time to spend with friends, which helps to free up our weekends for when daddy is home. We also live on Facetime, and we make a lot of sweet gifts to cover daddy’s desk.

When Evan is in town, we spend as much time together as we can. The traveling has truly made us cherish our time together, and we don’t waste a minute of it. Even if it’s just hanging out at the house or going for a walk, it’s together!


When Daddy comes through the door after being gone for a two week business trip, the best part is the excitement that fills Ella’s face. There is nothing like the love of a little girl for her father. We don’t love the traveling, but we make it work. Our family is full of love, and we continue to build on that every time we send daddy off. Our hugs are a little tighter, and our prayers are a little strong during this time.


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